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Who We Are

Josh and Adrienne started their business after they began helping their elderly neighbor by mowing her lawn since she was not able to do it herself. After helping their neighbor, Josh knew he wanted to combine his interest in business with his knowledge of lawn care and in 2017 started his lawn care and equipment rental business.  After successfully growing the Rental side, Josh decided to continue expanding into lawn care where he obtained Miller Creek Lawn & Landscape’s, services division. Deciding to focus on lawn care, Josh changed the name of his company from Northern Rentals to Greenscape Services.

Josh believes that dependability and integrity are the foundation of his businesses success and is committed to his promise of providing customers with the very best in quality service.

Meet Our Team

Joshua Toms

Owner, President

Josh Toms is a devoted outdoorsman who was born and raised in Duluth, MN. He graduated Hermantown High School and attended The College of St. Scholastica In Duluth to study business.  With an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic, Josh continued to funnel his passion for the outdoors and business when he opened his lawn care and equipment rental company.  Today Josh devotes his time and energy to providing quality work, ensuring customer satisfaction and building his lawn care company. Josh is married to his wife Adrienne and they have four children; Ian, Lexie, Aubrey and Paxton.  Josh also works for the city of Duluth as a Firefighter/Paramedic.

Adrienne Ritchie Toms

Owner, Vice President

Adrienne co-owns Greenscape Services with her husband Josh.  Adrienne’s passion for the outdoors and knowledge in business, keeps the office moving smoothly.  Adrienne also works as a Nurse Manager at our local Emergency Department.  When Adrienne isn’t in the office, she will be found spend time with her kids or running on some back country trial.

Smiling employee wearing a Greenscape hoodie

Ben Gibson

Lawn Care Technician

Ben Gibson Started with Greenscape Services in 2022.  Prior to joining the Greenscape team, Ben worked for his own lawn service, Gibson Lawn Services.  Ben attended The College of St. Scholastica where he received his degree in business finance.  Ben is an integral party of the team as he leads the crews and meets with clients to discuss their lawn care needs.  Ben is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman.  Ben has a tremendous love for the outdoors which brings a rounded approach to lawn services that Greenscape Services provides.

Alex Ritchie

Lawn Treatment Specialist

Ian Ritchie

Lawn Care Technician

Smiling employee wearing a Greenscape hoodie

Francis Kermend

Lawn Care Technician

Some of Our Work

Making the world a brighter place one lawn at a time. From your small backyard to your large commercial business and everything in between.

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